ca. 1963

km 44,3

revised 00/09/19js


track layout

Hillesheim used to be a big staion as well as a junction, as a little used branch line led directly to Gerolstein. At the end of WWII the large viaduct to Gerolstein was destroyed and the branchline was never rebuilt.

Even after the closure of the Ahrtalbahn from Duempelfeld on, the track from Lissendorf to Hillesheim remained as an industrial siding. But in 1986 it was lifted.

Today the station building is unused and a great part of the station area is built over by the "Eifelperle" diary.

Bf Hillesheim
Bf Hillesheim Gleisseite
Bf Hillesheim (7-00)
signal box Hillesheim
signal box Hillesheim


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