Bf Adenau

ca. 1963

revised 1999/09/25js

km 42,4
S.O. 297,18m

track layout

The station of Adenau was ceremoniously opened on July 15th, 1888, when the single track branchline from Remagen was opened to the public. Almost a hundred years later it was closed in 1985. A year later the track from Hönningen to Adenau was lifted by a "rapid removal unit" of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

In the years before WWII Adenau was extremely busy when the people came to visit the races on the Nürburgring. The Reichsbahn had to bring in so many addidtional trains, that not only all sidings in Adenau, but also in the directions of Kreuzberg and Schuld all available space was used.

Nowadays only the station building and the concrete buffer stop remind the visitor of the railway.

Bf Adenau Luftansicht
Area of Adenau station (1998)
Bahnhofsgebäude Adenau
view of Adenau station from the street
ehem. Prellbock
this used to be the last buffer stop of the Ahrtalbahn


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