diesel fuel pit

Loco station-Remagen

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As junction for the Ahrtalbahn Remagen did have a 2-stall engine shed and a 16m (52 1/2') turntable.

Withe increasing traffic in the ninteenthirties not only was the station layout extended, but also a big 23m (75 1/2') turntable with roundhause planned. Due to the war this was not constructed.

When the left bank-line of the rhine was put under the wire in 1956 the small loco station was not anymore nescessary and the turntable was removed.

For some time the shed was used to stable a diesel shunter Köf II (323 class), but it was eventually removed. Of the two sidings to the coaling pit only one ist still in use to park  the 3-coach units of the Ahrtalbahn and for occasional shuntig.

Gleisplan Lokstation
track layout ca. 1957
Erweiterung Bw Remagen
planned extension ca. 1939

water tower
cut through the water tower at Remagen
pumping house
pumping house