Bw Kreuzberg

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The historical society Museums-Bw Kreuzberg (Ahr)

was founded on October 28, 1996 in Kreuzberg (Ahr). The society's aim is to restore the historic and listed depot buildings and track layout.

As there are continuing visits of excursion trains, most of them steam powered, to the Ahr valley, there is a real need to take water and coal in the proper way, which can both be done with the facilities at the depot. Also there is a shortage of stabling place for preserved locomotives as fewer and fewer economic shedding is provided by the DB Netz.

Not the least a living loco depot with bygone facilities like working water column and coal crane is much more fascinating to the passengers than just a station platform.

To accomplish this goal the society has already restored a mainline water column and has rescued a coaling crane from nearby Bw Euskirchen, which would otherwise have been scrapped.

Unfortunately DB Imm did not support this idea, but the effort continued to obtain the grounds.

After a lengthy court battle was lost, all hope ceased when in 2006 the conservation area was de-listed.


coal crane (ex Bw Euskirchen) clearing of the slag-pit


in early 2001 clearing of the 50.000 sqm area started in earnest

renovation process