Bf Ahrweiler

ca. 1963

revised 00/09/25js

km 12,9

S.O. 103,11m

Ahrweiler station looks like it was moved off the track somehow, but it was perfectly aligned until 1912, when the upgraded two track Ahrtalbahn necessitated the re-routing around Ahrweiler on the hillside. The original track passed Ahrweiler on the river bank.

Ahrweiler used to have a small engine station, of which the 2-track engine shed survied until mid 2000 as a bus shed.

The goods shed was demolished in spring 1999 and the last sidings were also closed by two sleepers forming an "X".

Güterschuppen Ahrweiler

good shed Ahrweiler (until May 1999)
signal box and ticket sales Ahrweiler Af
Bf Ahrweiler
tracklayout seen from Neuenahr (1994)



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