ca. 1963

km 35,8

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S.O. 222,0m

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Junction Dümpelfeld

The still existing station building was built in 1912 when the Ahrtalbahn was rebuilt to a 2 track main line. The old, smaller building was in another location.

The new main line to Lissendorf crossed the Ahr on a two span bridge. A connecting curve from the new line and the single track from Remagen to Adenau completed a wye, of which the brick built bridges in Dümpelfeld still exist until today.

After WWII the twin line bridge was distroyed as the line to Lissendorf was reduced to a single track branch line. The trains to Lissendorf commenced in Adenau and the single track connecting curve was used until the final closure in 1973.

Today the station area in Dümpelfeld is cluttered with private homes, so that the often discussed rebuilding of the line to Adenau will never be possible.

ex Bf Dümpelfeld
station building (1-2000)
bridge to Insul/Schuld (winter 2001)
railway bridges (5-2000)
railroad bridges: in the front to Schuld, in the back to Brück (Ahr)


to Adenau to Lissendorf

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