km 31,4

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S.O. 198,0m

ca. 1963

historic pictures

Hönningen got a new station in 1912 when the line was upgraded. The old building was demolished in the 1970s, when the Bundesbahn found no buyer and the building was quite derelict.

Even after the closure of the line to Adenau in 1985 and all passenger services terminating in Kreuzberg, Hönningen kept freight services to the local factory Klören until 1996, when Klören was sold and the new owner closed the factory shortly after. Klören got about 2 to 3 waggons of steel wire coils by rail every workday.

On Christmas 1999 the track from Ahrbrück to Hönningen was closed, the track was lifted in teh summer of 2001.

Bf Hönningen 1999
Hönningen 1999
Bf Hönningen
Hönningen 1996



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