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As early as 1844 Cologne and Bonn were connected by steel rails. On Jan. 21st, 1858 one could travel to Remagen and finally in mid November 1858 Koblenz was connected.

The station building of Remagen was erected 1859/60 by the Rheinische Eisenbahn. When Bonn station was extended, the cast-iron platform canopy was "recyled" in Remagen.

In September 1880 regular traffic commenced on the Ahrtalbahn. Traditionally tracks 4 and 5, today only track 5, are the starting point for the trains into the Ahr valley.

In 1936 started the last major construction work on the station. A new goods shed and three new signal boxes were erected and replaced 5 old ones. The small 16 meter turntable was supposed to be replaced by a large 23 meter type, but due to the war this was not finalized.

After the war, the left bank rhine main line was "electrificated" already in the late 1950s, but the Ahrtalbahn was run by steam engines for freight services until the late 1960s.

The three signal boxes were replaced in 1981 by a new electronic one.

In early 1990 the track layout of Remagen was re-designed, the main through tracks are now track 1 and 3, the Ahrtalbahn is now single tracked within Remagen station.

The end of the millenium saw the first major reduction in trackwork, as the DB closed two goods-sidings and lifted the track of the maintenance-of-way (Bm) siding after the demolition of the Bm-buildings.


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