Bf Kreuzberg ca. 1963 revised 2000/09/25js
km 26,7
S.O. 176,27m
air view

Kreuzberg station

The small village of Kreuzberg only got a station in 1918 in connection with the construction of the locomotive power depot. It did have a halt for passenger and parcel service since May 1st 1901.

Compared to all other stations of the Ahrtalbahn with the exception of Remagen, Kreuzberg probably was the biggest railroad-location of the whole line. Even today, after several reductions of trackage and signal boxes it is still an impressive place. Because of this the comlete area of 110.000 square metres from the northern end with the five-span Ahr bridge to the southernmost bufferstop including all buildings, such as the station itself, the 9 door engine shed, the foundations of the turntable, coaling stage etc. have been declared a preservation site in 1996 and 1998.

Bf Kreuzberg 1996
station building in 1996
215 abfahrbereit
Regionalbahn ready to depart to Remagen on track 1



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