Bf Mayschoß

km 21,8

revised 01/03/25js

S.O. 140,50m

ca. 1963

air view
historic pictures

In 1977 the station of Mayschoß was reduced to a halt when the passing loop and the freight siding were lifted.

In June 2000 the station building, the platform and the surroundiung area were renovated and the since WWII closed second tunnel was reopened as a cylepath.

The removal of the passing loop creates great problems every autum when the "Weinfeste" neccesitate additional trains and the single track between Dernau and Kreuzberg does not allow this.

RB mit 212 Bf Mayschoß 18.6.00

Tunnel (2000)

Konzept Hp Mayschoß

212 080-6

new platform (June 2000)

cycle path (left)- Ahrtalbahn (right)

renovation concept 1994



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