Bf Walporzheim

km 15,6

revised 09/06/06js

S.O. 119m

ca. 1963

In 1912 Walporzheim got a new station building as a result of the re-routing of the Ahrtalbahn in the early 1910s.

After WWII the second track was lifted from Walporzheim to Hillesheim, but Walporzheim still had a goods shed and freight loop. These were removed in the 1990s when the new road was built.

Walporzheim is a good stop not only to sample the wines made a the nearby "Winzerverein", but also for a nice walk through the vineyards or to the "Silberberg"-museum, the secret cold war bunker of the german government.

ex Bf Walporzheim Konzept für Weinbahnhof Walporzheim

old Walporzheim station building

renovation concept 1994



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